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Turnkey Plant solutions available globally for Municipal Solid Waste, Tires, Biomass and other waste streams

Welcome to ToxFree Systems Inc

Our technology has operated commercially and profitably since 1993 in Australia for most major multinational corporations and has demonstrated its ability to treat a variety of feedstocks and was the subject of a successful listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2000. ToxFree technology utilizes an indirectly fired retorting system combined with a unique high temperature filter that gives it far better efficiency and greatly reduced operating and capital costs when measured against other thermal technologies processing hazardous waste, tar sands and end of life car tires. TFSI will be undertaking further trials processing Municipal Solid Waste, Oil Based Drilling Muds and Biosolids which will be independently validated by AECOM in 2014 using the Surrey Plant. Now successfully completed.

ToxFree Energy Canada

TFEC operates in Surrey where it's demonstration plant is currently located. It was successfully utilized for validation trials processing scrap car tires and Alberta Tar Sands in 2007-8 and other demonstration programs. The plant was used for further validation trials in August 2014 using AECOM processing MSW. Further opportunities in North America will be reviewed after the trial program. This will also involve how we utilize the demo plant post trials and developing resultant opportunities.

North America is one of the biggest markets in the World and one of the most competitive which is why we have decided to roll out our Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) technology in S E Asia first thereby enabling us to return to the North American market with commercial plants operating in S E Asia demonstrating the scalability and economics of the TOXFREE technology.

Toxfree New Zealand

TFNZ is continuing to develop opportunities that have been identified processing Biomass, MSW and Oil Based Drilling Muds.

Toxfree South East Asia

Governments and Major Corporations are currently negotiating licences for all applications in S E Asia including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand where there is an ever increasing need for Municipal Solid Waste and Biosolids to Power. TFSI can provide this solution which is increasing daily and causing increasing health issues. We are looking at a mix of joint ventures and straight licences funded by a listing where appropriate. Our solution for these feedstocks offers reduced green house gases, power generation, biofuels amongst many other revenue streams from the waste whilst reducing capital and operating costs compared to other thermal technologies.

We are currently in the due diligence phase with one of Asia's largest conglomerates who are interested in a joint venture aimed at power production from MSW using our technologies. We are also currently looking at Government driven projects in Vietnam involving a number of applications.

The AECOM validated MSW trials showed that the TOX technology can recover between 40-50% of oils from sorted MSW plastics and between 25-35% of oil from raw MSW in addition to substantial power from the residual process gases. The oils showed a mix of 50% diesel fuel oil and 50% 2 stroke fuel oil. This will change as the feedstock components vary mainly in raw MSW.

Middle East Joint Venture

ToxFree Systems has established a joint venture with Septech Emirates and other partners in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and other Middle East countries. This is an executed MOU subject to upcoming validation trials that, once successful, will convert into a performance driven licence for all the TOX applications in specified Countries.